Features & Benefits

We work with leading entomologists around the world to better understand mosquito behaviors while developing Moskeet.  Some of the key features include the following:

Smart Surveillance

A Moskeet network can autonomously detect and report the following information in real-time: count, gender, and species.

Smart Trap

An innovative and unique design that captures a broad spectrum of mosquito species using multiple attractants and sensors.

Comprehensive Solution

Stake holders can access the information from our devices in real-time via web or mobile applications through our proprietary hardware, firmware, & applications.

Autonomous & Real-time Information

Get the real-time mosquito information to optimize the resources. Manual methods to catch, collect, count, classify the mosquitoes are a thing of the past saving time, money and resources.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Users can remotely monitor the operational health of the devices as well as remotely configure & upgrade at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent and Predictive Analytics

View Mosquito Maps by location, gender, and species. Experience the power of contextual reporting. Receive critical alerts on emergency situations & disease outbreaks. Plan based on the Intelligent Action Recommendations.


Our light & audio sensors capture the mosquito wing beat frequency and the Artificial Intelligence layer identifies mosquito species and gender based on the frequencies. Our proprietary IoT platform, true.one, collects the data from the sensors and sends it to the cloud.

Current Research Focus

Current research is focused on autonomously identifying the disease carrying mosquitoes, known & unknown viruses carried by mosquitoes, and locating larvae sites using drones.

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