Smart Mosquito Control Management

Moskeet helps in the eradication of mosquito-borne diseases

Moskeet, a Smart Mosquito Control Management solution, helps in the eradication of mosquito-borne diseases. Moskeet is the world’s first commercially available mosquito trap that can autonomously detect the mosquito species. Moskeet is designed and developed as an affordable solution for underdeveloped and developing countries.

What can Moskeet Do?

Smart Trap

Smart Trap

Capture a broad spectrum of mosquito species using multiple attractants and sensors.

Count & Classify

Count & Classify

Count the number of mosquitoes. Identify the gender, and species.

Real-time Reports

Real-time Reports

Disseminate the collected data in real-time.

Smart Surveillance

Switch to Smart Surveillance. Stop using manual methods to catch, collect, count, and classify the mosquitoes.

Real-time Intelligence

Get real-time mosquito information to optimize the resources.

Monitor Effectiveness

Monitor the effectiveness of mosquito control programs.

Intelligent& Predictive Analytics

View Mosquito Maps by location, gender, and species. Experience the power of contextual reporting.
Receive critical alerts on emergency situations & disease outbreaks.
Plan based on the Intelligent Action Recommendations.

Future Possibilities*

Disease Mosquitoes

Disease Mosquitoes

Identify the disease carrying mosquitoes

Virus Intelligence

Virus Intelligence

Detect known & unknown virus carried by mosquitoes.

Real-time Reports

Larvae Surveillance

Locate larvae sites using drones.

*Moskeet’s current research focus.

Features and Benefits

We work with leading entomologists around the world to better understand mosquito behaviors while developing Moskeet. View the complete list of features and benefits by clicking the link below:


Our platform is aligned with the surveillance recommendations of the following government agencies:

Some of the key global objectives of World Health Organization (WHO) include: Better reporting to control vector borne diseases; & Aims to strengthen national capacities by developing and updating guidelines and tools on vector surveillance and control.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) in USA strongly recommend: monitoring of mosquito population before applying pesticides as part of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) directive to all communities and mosquito control districts; IPM uses a combination of ways to control mosquito populations with decisions based on surveillance, such as keeping track or count of the numbers and types of mosquitoes in an area.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) considers Surveillance of mosquitoes is part of the global response to Mosquito Borne Diseases.
Center for Research in Medical Entomology (ICMR-CRME) has the following key mandates: Surveillance and development of early-warning systems for epidemic outbreaks of vector-borne diseases. Stratification of vector-borne diseases. Development of control strategies

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